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Our Vision

We aim at being the lead experts in empowering and developing sustainable solutions for long-term impact in the ever-changing global business environment.

Our Mission

To develop competent professionals, enhance collaborative capabilities of organizations and develop strategic partnerships and linkages that will increase their positive impact.

Core Values

1. We value long-term connections for sustainable social impact 2. We focus on building trust among individuals, organizations, networks, clients, and partners 3. We provide data for you to make informed solutions.

Our Key Services

Partnerships and External Linkages

To be effective in a constantly changing environment, organizations need to develop collaborative networks and capacities with partners. Organizations need to develop a culture of…

Market Intelligence

REMAP collaborates with Trade Support Institutions in foreign markets, analyse market trends to inform entry in export markets. This helps exporters develop demand led products…

Project Management

REMAP Consultants enables you develop project management capabilities to effectively implement partnership projects. Resource partners require accountability in implementing projects with organizations while ensuring they…
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