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Management Consulting

REMAP Consulting provides a wide range of management advise on how to manage and strengthen your business development skills, make informed decisions on entering specific markets, and enhance strategic partnerships while expanding your sphere of influence.

Our experts facilitate stakeholder round table meetings, strategy workshops and partnership building retreats. The aim is to develop a sustainable relationship with stakeholders to enable your institution deliver on its mandate and create a long-term impact.

See below for more details on our areas of consultancy:

  • Partnerships and External Linkages
  • Market  Intelligence
  • Project Management
  • Advocacy and Stakeholder Engagement

The global business environment is constantly changing, to be effective organizations need to develop collaborative capabilities and networks.

How then do you tap into new sources of funding and effectively mobilize resources to meet your specific needs? REMAP Consultants will support you in prioritizing your organizational needs, developing strategies for engaging with resource partners, selecting an effective resource mobilization strategy, and implementing them while strengthening internal capacities to effectively mobilize resources.

  1. We provide in-depth knowledge and expertise in assessing the capacity of individuals, teams, and partnerships
  2. We undertake scoping missions, stakeholder consultative meetings and workshops to align stakeholders to project goals
  3. We provide support in aligning institutional capacity, establishing effective resource mobilization teams, change management and effective management of partnerships and networks
  4. Our approach is holistic – from identifying sources of funding, matching resource partner with specific programmatic areas, engaging with resource partners, institutional strengthening, and alignment to effectively mobilize resources
  5. We help you develop winning proposals – developing case statements, concept notes, integration of the theory of change and sustainability plans
  6. We combine advisory services with capacity building from our experts.

We provide you with information to enable you enter new markets, diversify your products and services and deepen your external markets. Our Market Intelligence team will deliver essential up to date market information to enable your organization make informed decisions.

REMAP collaborates with Trade Support Institutions in foreign markets to provide you the following:

  1. Market reports which give opportunities in specific countries
  2. Market Trends
  3. Opportunities for export of services

Our experts’ enables you develop project management capabilities to effectively implement partnership projects. Resource partners require accountability in implementing projects with organizations while ensuring they create a long-term impact. We will develop a result-based approach in the entire project management process in close consultation with project partners.

  1. We provide support throughout the project integrating learnings from different phases of the project to deliver outcomes
  2. Our Approach is result-oriented, emphazing on the impact of the project activities to the beneficiaries while at the same time strengthening the team’s capacity and sustainability of project results
  3. We will ensure effective management of core project stakeholders (including development partners, stakeholder’s reference group, donor group, project steering committee and the project approval committee)
  4. Our team will prepare high quality technical briefs, policy notes, analysis and other documents for engagement with external audiences (e.g. donors & senior government officials) in order to inform decision-makers and opinion-makers on the programmes
  5. Our team brings experience in participatory monitoring and evaluation.

Advocacy and influence are unpredictable given the complex networks and environment that programmes exist and operate. Stakeholders have expectations that need to be met or managed as they interact and influence decision making in implementing projects. REMAP Consultants will help empower and strengthen your advocacy and influencing skills in a challenging business environment and help you devise ways to manage expectations of your stakeholders.

  1. Our team will help you analyse the policy environment, choose strategic partners, and manage your partnerships and networks within the existing socio-political environment
  2. We will integrate theory of change and a sustainability plan in advocacy and influencing decisions
  3. We provide training in professional communication, negotiation and lobbying in the context your organization operates in.