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Partnerships and External Linkages

To be effective in a constantly changing environment, organizations need to develop collaborative networks and capacities with partners. Organizations need to develop a culture of learning, innovation, collaboration, and strong partnerships with stakeholders aligned to their vision and mission. Employees need to be empowered to establish networks, engage, and leverage partnerships and collaborations to deliver […]
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Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence 2. Market  Intelligence REMAP collaborates with Trade Support Institutions in foreign markets, analyse market trends to inform entry in export markets. This helps exporters develop demand led products and exploit opportunities in the export market.
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Project Management

REMAP Consultants enables you develop project management capabilities to effectively implement partnership projects. Resource partners require accountability in implementing projects with organizations while ensuring they create a long-term impact. We will implement a result-based approach in the entire project management process in close consultation with project partners. We provide support throughout the project integrating learnings […]
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Advocacy and Stakeholder Management

Advocacy and influence are unpredictable given the complex networks and environment that programmes exist and operate. Stakeholders have expectations that need to be met or managed as they interact and influence decision making in implementing projects. REMAP Consultants will help empower and strengthen your advocacy and influencing skills in a challenging business environment and help […]
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Are you looking to improve your skills and confidence of your team or organization? REMAP Consultants offer customized training in various management-related areas. We undertake a training needs assessment of the individual and team We integrate problem-based learning, experience sharing and case study analysis in our training We empower teams to harness knowledge within the […]
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