Are you looking to improve your skills and confidence of your team or organization? REMAP Consultants offer customized training in various management-related areas.

  • We undertake a training needs assessment of the individual and team
  • We integrate problem-based learning, experience sharing and case study analysis in our training
  • We empower teams to harness knowledge within the organization and develop a business continuity plan

Below are available training opportunities;

Is your organization facing specific challenges or opportunities? Our training courses are specifically designed to address the specific needs of your organization. The courses cover a wide range of aspects related to project management, resource mobilization, partnership development and organizational development.

  • We take into consideration the prevailing needs and conditions of the organization
  • We engage participants in an active learning experience where they build on their skills, discover, and develop new competencies
  • Our approach is participatory, and we empower participants to develop new skills.